We are an energy industry business that has been built to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy across Africa while delivering high quality reliable returns to our partners, investors and energy system customers. As a business we hold on to 5 promises that we use to shape our business ethos, models and beliefs.

  1. We focus on delivering audacious, world changing solutions
  2. Our solutions are sustainable, responsible and fair,
  3. We create value across the value chain and leave everyone who works with us in a better position than before they met us
  4. Our business is built on intelligence and managed with integrity
  5. We care, we serve, and we empower local communities
Join the SolarSwop family and ecosystem. Let us know your area of interest and start your journey with us. Click on one of the images below, get some info on how we work and get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.
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