Building Integrated Sustainable Solutions (BIPV)

Engineering Design, Procurement & Construction (EPC)

Structured Financial Solutions

Rooftop PV

It’s no longer a question whether Solar is Feasible because that’s a no brainer. it’s now more a question of Affordability. Grid Tie Solar Plants in most areas now have a financial payback period of under 5 Years and should be considered as a strategic business investment for the following reasons:

  • Annualised Returns on Investment (ROI) of 25% plus
  • Internal Rate of Returns (IRR) of 20% plus
  • Levelised Cost of Solar Energy (LCOSE) of R 0.75 ( $ 0.05) or under

Let us help you and become your Energy Partner on your journey to Sustainability and Energy Independence. Our Associated EPC Partners and Installation Teams have successfully completed over 20 MW of Roof Top Projects in record time and on budget. We provide Full Turnkey Service from Energy Study & Feasibility, to Finance Solutions, to Design, Procure & Construct, to Operations & Maintenance.

Energy Storage Systems

Light Commercial & Industrial

Our Commercial & Industrial Solutions cover everything from 30kW to 300kW, covering most of the C&I applications such as demand charge management, PV self-consumption and back-up power, fuel saving solutions, mirco grid and off-grid.

Heavy Industrial & Commercial

Big MW / MWh solutions are usually used in integration with renewable energy power plant such as solar or wind farms, or ancillary services such as peak shaving and frequency regulation. Our experienced team is able to provide customised solutions that are stable and flexible to all customers demands.

EV Charging and Carports

Solar Carports are a great way of turning dead Real Estate into a revenue generating Asset whilst providing value add to clients, customers and staff through shaded parking. By adding EV Mobility Charging Stations to your Carport you can increase your revenue stream and provide a value added service to clients, customers or staff.

Choose from our Standard pre-fabricated designs, or allow our Design Associates to design a bespoke solution to your requirements.

On-line Monitoring and Energy Management Systems (EMS)

We have partnered with the best product partners to deliver energy management systems and live monitoring that enable our customers deepen their savings and manage their energy consumption remotely.

  • EMS built into cabinet
  • User-friendly interface displays system operation status
  • Easy access to complete operating data history
  • Compatible with a wide variety of inverters and batteries

Container Storage

We customise ESS Containerised Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Applications:

  • PCS: 250kW, 500kW, 1MW expandable in Multiple MW’s
  • Battery: 5.7 kWh (1C) Module, 7.98kWh (0,5C) Module, LifePO4 Chemistry
  • BMS: Intelligent Battery Management System
  • EMS: Intelligent Energy Management System

The Container Package includes :

  • Air-conditioning Temperature Control
  • Ventilation System
  • Fire Detection & Extinguishing Equipment

Container Capacity Storage Limits

  • 10 Ft – 300 kWh (1C)
  • 20 Ft – 600 kWh (1C) / 1 MWh (0.5C)
  • 40 Ft – 1.26 MWh (1C) / 2.5 MWh (0.5C)

Commercial Funding Solutions

We structure flexible & alternative Funding Solutions for the implementation of Solar PV Projects, Energy Efficiency and Energy Storage Projects. Let us help you achieve sustainable energy savings without the need for CAPEX outlay and be cash flow positive from day one.

Energy Saving Agreements


No capital outlay,

no risk – only cheaper energy

An ESA is a complete solution that removes all the risks of owning and managing a solar system. All costs are covered by SolarSwop including any damage or equipment repairs. 

  • Insurance and maintenance costs are built into the price 

  • Customers only pay for the energy used 

  • 10 / 15+ year contract 

  • Buy-out option is available 

  • Performance sharing is provided to Investment Partners 

  • Option for customers to select a roof rental contract* 

  • No capital investment, asset is financed and owned by SolarSwop 


JV Agreement

SolarSwop as Energy Partner

By partnering with us in Co-Ownership Agreement, we implement the project at little to no up-front cost to you and enter into a Shared Energy Savings Partnership. SolarSwop will undertake the work and share in the savings achieved for a fixed term based on a mutually agreed formula.

  • Zero to little capital costs required to implement

  • A committed partner who has a vested interest in the success of the project

  • Ongoing savings enjoyed for the lifetime of the equipment after the project has concluded

  • SolarSwop  Buyout Exit Option

Usage Agreements

No capital,

Simple Swap,

maintenance & Insurance included ownership option


Simply swap the exact savings at the existing electricity rates produced by the Solar Equipment for the use of the equipment and own it within 10/12 years. Usage Agreement Swap option offers full use of a solar system for an agreed fixed monthly fee. A complete maintenance plan is included, and insurance is included.

  • Asset all risk insurance is included

  • Scheduled maintenance is included

  • Option to purchase the system at end of the agreement.

  • Extended 20-year warranty plan optional

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