We have partnered with EV Charging Associates and are deploying EV Charging Stations both Solar & Grid Based for Business and Residential Clients.

Solarswop offers solar powered solutions to businesses and individuals who own or support the use of electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid EV vehichles. Using our model offers additional environmental and financial benefits by developing and installing solar solutions designed around various brands of EV charging stations.  SolarSwop provides maximum economic benefit and the model ensures that the electrical consumption is built to optimize the economic value of your energy investments.

We offer turnkey solutions from the beginning to the end of your project, including maintenance.  

Benefits of using a solar powered EV charging station include:

  • You lock in a lower energy cost and save money
  • You free yourself from supporting “dirty” fossil fuels while using a “clean energy vehicle”
  • EV charging stations take up minimal space while offering maximum mileage
  • Our Installations come with funding options,  and even self funded installations pay for themselves over a short period of time
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