SolarSwop is using blockchain technology to democratise investments and accelerate the delivery of energy across Africa.

SolarSwop is building a Digital Market Place for Africa – A Gateway for Energy Providers, Investors, End-User Finance, and Project Developer Finance. Democratizing Investment & Energy through Crowd Funding and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Trading Network. Operationally, we engineer decentralized democratized sustainable investments powered by distributed ledger technology.

We want you to invest in Renewable Energy and Sustainability Projects and contribute to Global Energy, Water and Food Security.

The Problem

  • Emerging Economies have the lowest rates of access to Investment in the world
  • Approximately 600 million Africans lack access to any electricity
  • Africa has some of the highest unemployment rates in the world
  • Africa has abundant renewable energy and mineral resources

The Solution – Invest in the Esoko Exchange Platform.

We are holding an Equity Token Sale and inviting accredited Investors to contribute to the establishment of a Fund that’s to be used for the development of the Esoko Exchange Market Place and the creation of the first of our Renewable Energy Funds to be listed on the Exchange. The initial fund is the Solar End-User Finance Fund A.

In return for the contributions the Investors will get the following:

  • A Software Usage License to access the Exchange, from which they are able to control their Digital Assets and make further investments from a Personal Account Holder Dashboard.
  • Earn rewards through automatic monthly smart contract payments from the Fund Management fees, and from the Solar End User Fund Contract payments.
  • Shares in the Solar End User Finance Fund A.
  • Shares in the SolarSwop Group of Companies

Product: Esoko Exchange

DLT based Energy Trading Portal,: – A Market Place for Investors, Energy Projects Finance, End –User Finance, P2P Trading

Problem it’s solving:

  • Democratising Sustainable Investments
  • Frictionless access to Renewable Energy for End Users
  • Frictionless access to Project Funds for Developers
  • Contributing to Energy, Water and Food Security, and Socio-Economic prosperity


  • Access to Frictionless Energy Investments directly online or mobile app in micro amounts. Trade P2P.
  • Socio-Economic upliftment with access to electricity (600 million Africans don’t have electricity).
  • Reliable clean energy with protection against price hikes and power outages
  • Turn an Expense into an Investment

Token Holder Benefits:

Lifetime annuity stream projected at  6 – 10% per annum from the Digitised Funds and Fees

Trading on exchanges in perpetuity, token value to fluctuate with demand.

Token capital appreciation as the exchange token gets it’s value from % of  AUM Fees. Hence the larger the AUM the greater the token gain. The listed fund tokens earn capital gain through fund management of the underlying assets backing the token.

Trust & Assurance of token fund assets with registration under offshore bankruptcy remote protected cells, blockchain immutable audit trail and trusted independent third party regulatory oversight.

Ethical Investing – the elation and satisfaction of contributing to the creation of a Network that values integrity and humanity through the promotion of fair trade, transparency and accountability, and contributes to environmental impact mitigation

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