Impact Investment is at the heart of the SolarSwop business model. We take in funds for the purposes of driving high impact results in the renewable industry. Our primary investors are private equity based funds and institutional investors. Our vision is to democratise investment through giving ordinary private individuals the opportunity to invest in high impact projects in the near future. 

Our core investment vehicles are:

Private Equity Funds

SolarSwop offers private equity funds the opportunity to invest in the renewable energy space through ring fenced funds which are pooled together to roll out the SolarSwop “Solar and Energy Storage As A Service” model into high potential markets. The returns on the  ring fenced fund will bring in an IRR of 12%+ on contracts that run on periods that average 10 years across both the residential and commercial sector. Our private equity backed funds also fund the rollout of VPP and IPP projects where the projects include the long term supply of power to governments,  major developers  and other project owners who have rights to large commercial scale projects that come with the opportunity to acquire the respective local licenses.

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12J Funds

SS12J Energy Fund which will invest in Solar End-user Finance funds provided by SolarSwop. This is a Closed End Fund with a 12 Year Term. Paying a annual escalating combined distribution of interest and principal.  The advantage of the 12J is the reduction in risk exposure allowing for higher yields. This means you get returns on 100% of the investment but with only risking 55% or 72% of your capital.

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SolarSwop Equity Token SaleWe are holding a Security Token Sale and inviting Investors to contribute to the establishment of a Fund that’s to be used for the development of the Esoko Exchange Market Place and the creation of the first Renewable Energy Funds to be listed on the Exchange.

The listed fund tokens earn dividends and capital gain through fund management of the underlying assets backing the token. The system is built on the use of blockchain technology which gives the business and investment vehicles benefits such as Trust and Assurance via an immutable audit trail, and we use of an independent third party who would provide regulatory oversight.

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