We give private equity funds the opportunity to invest in the renewable energy sector

Our investment vehicles are stable and deliver high quality returns

SolarSwop partners with private equity funds and individual investors to roll out solar energy installations across  residential and commercial projects. Each fund is ring fenced and optimised to deliver the highest possible ROI, and investors start to see returns within months of their investment. 

Investing in SolarSwop gives investors access to continuous revenue streams that increase in value over time and are backed by security measures which limit the risk that the investors are exposed to. Our model gives investors multiple benefits and forms of security.

Investors own equity proportional to their investment in ring-fenced funds. Investors get dividends paid out to them for the duration of the energy service contract agreements with the customers whose installations were financed through the fund. 

The money will be ring fenced and used for pre-approved functions all of which are essential for the delivery of the service into the selected market. The current projected returns have an IRR that averages 12% or more over a ten year period.

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