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Never miss another important event due to power outages
Take care of your family by gaining energy independence

Our residential PV and energy storage solution range is designed for PV self-consumption, back-up power, load shifting and off-grid household applications

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A solar energy system with energy storage is the best investment you can make

The Benefits are:
Protection against Price Hikes
Safeguard Your Quality of Life
Turn Your Electricity Bill Into Investment
25% - 30 % Annual Return on Investment
Energy Management can Net You Hundreds of Thousands over its 30 Year Lifespan
Increase the Value of Your Home

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High Quality with Modern Minimalist looks the Alpha Home System ticks all the boxes

  • The Alpha Home ESS is affordable and great value for money with self funded payback period of under 7 years
  • Solar Energy producing significant electricity savings and depending the size of your system the Net 20 year savings could be over 1 Million Rand
  • Sufficient reliable backup power via Lithium Battery Energy Storage with the capability to add 6 x 5.7 kWh Battery Modules to one inverter.
  • Increased self consumption by cycling the battery everyday at night to get night time energy savings
  • IOT and Smart Home ready – Intelligent on-line Energy Management and Monitoring system, compatible with Amazon Echo VA and EV Charging Station.

With 10 Year Plus Manufacturer Warranties on the System, Our 12 Month Installation Guarantee and Life Expectancy’s of 20 Years Plus, Giving you Peace of Mind. Extra assurance can be provided with our insurance policies provided by our insurance partners.

Global Presence

Alpha are a multinational company that currently has more than 10,000 residential and commercial systems running in 30 countries globally and our products are credited by TÜV, CEC and are also complied with IEC and many other international standards. Having won multiple awards over the past 7 years since inception.


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Residential Finance

We can provide you with Asset Purchase Finance via our Licensed Financial Services Strategic Partner. Interest rates are depended on you personal circumstances.

Alternatively take advantage of our unique “Solar & Energy Storage As A Service” (SESaaS) Agreement. No upfront cost, fixed monthly service fee, with or without annual escalation and the option to purchase the equipment within 10 years or extend the service agreement at end of term. Maintenance and Insurance are included.

How it works is you simply swop the exact energy savings produced by the equipment for the use of the equipment for the Energy Service Agreement (ESA) contract period.  

The Benefits:

  • Free Energy while the Sun Shines
  • Turn your Electricity bill into an Investment 
  • No upfront payment necessary, no loan application, no strain on your cash flow
  • Protect yourself against electricity price hikes
  • Hot water and electricity during load shedding and power outages
  • Emotional reward by contributing to the preservation of the planet
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